Senior Database Engineer /SQL Optimization Expert

As a Senior Database Engineer, you will be working on state-of-the-art solutions, involving:

  • PostgreSQL SQL optimization methodologies and tools,
  • machine learning,
  • cloud technologies.


  • Strong optimization skills of large and heavily loaded databases (>1TiB, >10k QpS).

  • 3+ years of experience running PostgreSQL in large production environments.

  • Advanced SQL and PL/pgSQL knowledge.

  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL internals.

  • A history of increasing responsibility in the field of databases.

  • Experience and skills in the field of systems performance (PostgreSQL and Linux monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning).

  • Self-motivation and strong desire to achieve the highest levels of expertise.


  • Advanced topics (partitioning, queues in database, time series, window functions, denormalization, efficient work with arrays, JSON).

  • Experience of implementation of SQL optimization workflow, involving pg_stat_statements, log-based analysis.

  • Go and/or C.

  • Python and/or Ruby.

  • Oracle SQL optimization experience.

  • Knowledge of basic machine learning algorithms and experience/with popular machine learning frameworks.

  • Cloud experience (AWS, GCP).

  • Experience working in a distributed team.


  • SQL performance troubleshooting and optimization.

  • DB schema design to store data securely and efficiently.

  • Code reviews and interaction with development teams.

  • Setting up SQL optimization workflow in various development teams.

  • Development of new open-source cloud-friendly ML-backed solutions to automate:

    • database experiments,

    • PostgreSQL configuration tuning, and

    • SQL query optimization.

  • Direct work with our clients to implement our methodologies and tools.


  • Interesting and challenging work.

  • Team of professionals and supportive atmosphere.

  • Extremely competitive pay depending on experience and skills.

  • Flexible working hours/home-office.

  • Medical insurance.

  • Online IT /Business English course.

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