How to manage Joe bot

Start Joe Bot container

Define the config file ~/.dblab/joe.yml according the configuration options page and run the command:

sudo docker run \
--name joe_bot \
--publish 2400:2400 \
--restart=on-failure \
--volume ~/.dblab/joe.yml:/home/config/config.yml \
--detach \

Reconfigure Joe Bot container

Update the configuration file ~/.dblab/joe.yml.

Restart the running Joe Bot container:

sudo docker restart joe_bot

⚠ Note that once docker restart is executed, all active sessions will be lost.

Upgrade Joe Bot

Stop and remove the container using sudo docker stop joe_bot and sudo docker rm joe_bot and then launching it again.

⚠ Note the upgrade removes all active sessions

Observe Joe Bot logs

To enable the debugging mode you can use one of the following approaches:

To observe the container logs, run:

sudo docker logs joe_bot -f

Check Joe Bot status

To check the status of the running container, perform the request GET /.

For example using curl:

curl -XGET ''

The response HTTP/1.1 200 OK is going to be: