Protect clones from manual and automatic deletion

Database Lab clones could be protected from manual and automatical deletion by enabling the protected status of a clone. When enabled no one can delete this clone and automated deletion is also disabled.

Database Lab automatically deletes idle unprotected clones after an idle interval defined in the configuration

Please be careful: abandoned protected clones may cause out-of-disk-space events. Check disk space on a daily basis and delete protected clones once the work is done.


From the Database Lab clone page enable or disable the Enable deletion protection checkbox. Database Lab engine page / Create clone


Before you run any commands, install Database Lab CLI and initialize configuration. For more information, see Install and initialize Database Lab CLI.


Protect a clone

dblab clone update --protected CLONE_ID
"id": "CLONE_ID",
"protected": true,

Unprotect a clone

dblab clone update CLONE_ID
"id": "CLONE_ID",
"protected": false,

Also, clones could be made protected during clone creation. See Create clone guide.