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How to reset Database Lab clone's state

With Database Lab clones, you can verify any changes and without any risks for the source database (such as production).


  1. Connect to your clone and execute DDL or DML query – for example, drop some table: Database Lab engine page / Create clone
  2. At the Database Lab clone page, click the Reset button: Database Lab engine page / Create clone
  3. Wait for the OK status and connect to your clone again. The data will be recovered to the initial state: Database Lab engine page / Create clone


Before you run any commands, install Database Lab CLI and initialize configuration. For more information, see Install and initialize Database Lab CLI.


Reset a clone

If you need to reset the clone to the initial state and discard all changes were done (revert to the snapshot that was used for clone creation):

dblab clone reset CLONE_ID


The clone has been successfully reset: CLONE_ID

To reset to the latest available snapshot (feature available in DLE version 2.5+) – this is especially useful for long-living clones because you can get the fresh version of data not changing the DB credentials (including port) of your clone:

dblab clone reset --latest CLONE_ID

Finally, if you want to reset the clone's state using specific snapshot:

dblab clone reset --snapshot-id SNAPSHOT_ID CLONE_ID

The parameters --latest and --snapshot-id must not be specified at the same time.