Your diligent experts for PostgreSQL support and consulting
We have been providing services of PostgreSQL consulting, optimizing, monitoring and training since 2007.
What we do
Query analysis
Smart query normalization, deep performance analysis, SQL-tuning assistant based on AI.
Index set optimization
Index adviser for all types of Postgres indexes (multi-column, partial, btree, GIN, GiST, SP-GiST, brin).
Postgres parameters tuning
No more need to read tons of documentation to tune Postgres. Just define parameters of your system and get detailed recommendations.
Detailed monitoring (Postgres-specific metrics)
Autovacuum, check points, full page writes, table and index bloat, and more.
Managed Postgres
PostgreSQL.Support AMI
Full Postgres Support (RDS, GCP SQL)
Tuning, monitoring, performance control, взаимодействовать с AWS пореже.
Database replay
Replay production workload of a clon of product database, see detailed performance comparison to understand, how changes will affect your production performance (Postgres configuration changes, index set changes).
Optimization results prediction
Провести эксперимент, не спрашивать про него - сразу проверить и выдать результат.
Otter tune
Postgres API
Rapid implementation at any project. Efficient, reliable, secure, language agnostic, rest API on top of Postgres with Swagger support.
PgBadger without bugs and with good interfaces
Featured customers
Featured customer: DocSend
Database performance optimization in clouds.
Featured customer: Juntos
Migration to Amazon RDS, scalability in Amazon RDS, education.
Featured customer:
Google cloud platform, perfomance tuning.
Featured customer: Postila
Postgres FDW, machine learning, pl/pgsql, on top of Postgres, Postgres ecosystem, rapid development.
Featured customer - BOOST
Rapid development process, flexible agile, reliable secure efficient API on top of Postgres.
Featured customer: My 90
HA solitions, devops tooling.
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Phone: +1 650 441 6163
2737 Montavo Place Campbell CA 95008
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