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Data source: rsync


As the first step, you need to set up a machine for Database Lab Engine instance. See the guide.



In order to set up Database Lab Engine to automatically get the data from database using rsync you need to use following jobs:


Copy the example configuration file config.example.physical_generic.yml from the Database Lab repository to ~/.dblab/engine/configs/server.yml and update the following options:

  • Set secure server:verificationToken, it will be used to authorize API requests to the Engine
  • Set connection options in physicalRestore:options:envs:
    • PGUSER: database user name
    • PGPASSWORD: database master password
    • PGHOST: database server host
  • Set PostgreSQL commands in physicalRestore:options:customTool:
    • command:
      rsync --archive \
      --password-file=${RSYNC_PWD_FILE} \
      rsync://${RSYNC_USER}@${WAL_SERVER}:/rsync/${CLUSTER}/${WALCH:0:8}/${WPNUM:4:2}/${WPNUM}/* \
      ${PGDATA}/temp_wal/ 2>/dev/null`
    • restore_command: TBD
  • Set proper version in Postgres Docker image tag (change the images itself only if you know what are you doing):
    • databaseContainer:dockerImage

pg_basebackup -D - -Ft -X

Run Database Lab Engine

sudo docker run \
--name dblab_server \
--label dblab_control \
--privileged \
--publish \
--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
--volume /var/lib/dblab:/var/lib/dblab/:rshared \
--volume ~/.dblab/engine/configs:/home/dblab/configs \
--volume ~/.dblab/engine/meta:/home/dblab/meta \
--volume ~/.dblab/engine/logs:/home/dblab/logs \
--volume /sys/kernel/debug:/sys/kernel/debug:rw \
--volume /lib/modules:/lib/modules:ro \
--volume /proc:/host_proc:ro \
--detach \
--restart on-failure \

Parameter --publish means that only local connections will be allowed.

To allow external connections, consider either using additional software such as NGINX or Envoy or changing this parameter. Removing the host/IP part (--publish 2345:2345) allows listening to all available network interfaces. See more details in the official Docker command-line reference.

Restart in the case of failure


This page is unfinished. Reach out to the team to learn more.