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3rd-party Data Subprocessors and Service Providers

Effective date: 2023-12-20 aims to be fully transparent regarding how your data is used, how it is collected, and with whom it can be shared. uses the following data suprocessors:

Name of Subprocessor (with URL)Location of ProcessingDescription
Amazon Web Services (AWS)USASecondary data hosting (currently not used for Customer Data)
GitLabUSADevelopment and project management tools (Git, CI/CD, issue tracker, etc.)
GitHubUSADevelopment and project management tools (Git, CI/CD, issue tracker, etc.)
Google Analytics (GA)USAUser behavior analytics
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)USAPrimary data hosting. Customer Data (including backups) are stored here
Google WorkspaceUSAEmail and cloud office apps used by the Team for business
HetznerUSA, GermanyCloud and dedicated hosting provider (currently not used for Customer Data)
IntercomUSACustomer support system
OpenAIUSAAI models provided via API (such as Whisper, GPT). Customer Data is not used in OpenAI API calls, unless explicitly approved by Customer
SendGridUSATransactional mail services provider
SlackUSABusiness communication platform
StripeUSAPayment provider
ZoomUSAVideo Communications

This list is well-maintained (should be there are any changes, the list will be edited).

User data can be shared with some of the Platform's service providers. These are companies who provide services on's behalf, such as hosting our Services, marketing, advertising, social, analytics, support ticketing, credit card processing, security, and other similar services. These companies are subject to contractual requirements that govern the security and confidentiality of user data.

See also: Privacy Policy.