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Tuning PostgreSQL for High Write Workloads
This is the very video where the benefits of Aurora Postgres were revealed. Many technical details: problem with checkpoints and full-page writes, basic concepts of Aurora architecture, benchmarks. A must-watch.
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov
Migrating Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL Utilizing AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
Aurora Postgres is considered as a replacement for Oracle, so of course, AWS is interested in advertising case studies of the conversion. Good to see more and more companies migrating. However, I feel very sorry to those who use DMS – it's definitely no fun. Allocate a good amount of workforce if you're going to go this route.
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov
Using Performance Insights to Analyze Performance of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
Performance Insights, inspired by Oracle tooling, is a must-have thing these days. AWS helped make this approach ("active session history analysis" – in Postgres, it's based on sampling of pg_stat_activity) the 3rd standard way in PostgreSQL query analysis – in addition to pg_stat_statements and log-based analysis. If you're not on RDS/Aurora, this video is still useful – check it out and then also check PASH Viewer, pg_wait_sampling, and pgsentinel
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov
PostgreSQL In-Depth Training: Aurora Part 2
Jeremy Scheider has always great materials (unfortunately, not often). If you're on Aurora, this is a must-watch.
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov
Jignesh Shah Deep Dive into the RDS PostgreSQL Universe
Great overview of RDS Postgres capabilities. Video has time codes, convenient.
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov
Jignesh Shah Tips and Tricks with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Jignesh knows a lot about Postgres and RDS – this talk is a good bag of tricks (video has timecodes)
Nikolay SamokhvalovNikolay Samokhvalov