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· 2 min read

Database Lab Engine 2.0 beta: one config to rule them all; support for Amazon RDS

During this Summer, we were super-busy achieving two goals that defined version 2.0 of Database Lab Engine:

  1. Make all the things in Database Lab configurable in a unified manner (single configuration file): first of all, data initialization and snapshot management.
  2. Support both physical and logical types of initialization. Particularly, allow working with an RDS database as a source.

Both targets happened to be quite challenging, but it is finally done, and now we are happy to see that all the pieces of Database Lab Engine work in containers, the whole workflow is described in a single YAML configuration file, and, last but not least, it works with RDS Postgres databases. Yay!

Check out Database Lab Engine release notes, Tutorial for RDS users, and Database Lab Engine configuration reference.