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Mid-Market Customer Advisory Group

After years of work with large enterprises, we're investigating how Database Lab can help mid-size software companies (15-100 engineers) improve the safety and testability of their database changes.

We're recruiting a small number of companies to join a Customer Advisory Group to help us tailor our product to their needs. Group members will receive free access to Database Lab for 6 months.

What's involved?

Companies who are accepted into the Customer Advisory Group will make the following commitments.

  • They will fully setup the Database Lab Engine and Joe Bot.
  • They will designate at least two people to serve as internal product champions for Database Lab.
  • The designated product champions will attend a monthly, 30-minute feedback session with our team.

Why join?

Who is qualified?

  • Company must have 15-100 software engineers
  • Company must use PostgreSQL as its primary database
  • Company must be willing to commit to a monthly 30-minute meeting to provide feedback

Questions? Contact us using the Intercom bubble to the right and leave an email so we can reach back out.