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PostgreSQL versions and extensions supported in Database Lab Engine

PostgreSQL versions

Currently, Database Lab Engine fully supports the following PostgreSQL major versions:

  • 9.6 (released: 2016-09-29; EOL: 2021-11-11)
  • 10 (released: 2017-10-05; EOL: 2022-11-10)
  • 11 (released: 2018-10-18; EOL: 2023-11-09)
  • 12 (released: 2019-10-03; EOL: 2024-11-14)
  • 13 (released: 2020-09-24; EOL: 2025-11-13)
  • 14 (released: 2021-09-31; EOL: 2026-11-12)
  • 15 (released: 2022-10-13; EOL: 2027-11-11)

By default, version 15 is used: postgresai/extended-postgres:15.

The images are published in Docker Hub.

Extensions included by default

By default, the Database Lab Engine uses the extended Docker images built on top of the official Docker images for PostgreSQL. It is easy to change the images – see the options named dockerImage in various sections of the Database Lab Engine configuration.

All these extended images include the following extensions:

How to add more extensions

There are two options:

  1. Adjust Dockerfile and build your own Docker image:
  2. Ask the team for help – building custom Docker images is included in support contracts. Contact: [email protected]