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PostgreSQL versions and extensions supported in Database Lab Engine

PostgreSQL versions#

Currently, Database Lab Engine fully supports the following PostgreSQL major versions:

  • 9.6 (released: 2016-09-29; EOL: 2021-11-11)
  • 10 (released: 2017-10-05; EOL: 2022-11-10)
  • 11 (released: 2018-10-18; EOL: 2023-11-09)
  • 12 (released: 2019-10-03; EOL: 2024-11-14)
  • 13 (released: 2020-09-24; EOL: 2025-11-13)
  • 14 (released: 2021-09-31; EOL: 2026-11-12)

By default, version 14 is used: postgresai/extended-postgres:14.

The images are published in Docker Hub.

Extensions included by default#

By default, the Database Lab Engine uses the extended Docker images built on top of the official Docker images for PostgreSQL. It is easy to change the images – see the options named dockerImage in various sections of the Database Lab Engine configuration.

All these extended images include the following extensions:

How to add more extensions#

There are two options:

  1. Adjust Dockerfile and build your own Docker image:
  2. Ask the team for help – building custom Docker images is included in support contracts. Contact: [email protected]